Academic and Professional CV:

  • Law in Pompeu Fabra University (2003).
  • I studied official examinations to become a judge and I began as a Civil and Penal judge in 2006, by Agreement of the Permanent Commission of the General Council of the Judicial Power on the 4th of July, 2006, which you can check in Boletín Oficial del Estado.
  • Coaching (certified) in 2016.

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Training in the Law of Attraction: I’ve studied with the teachers of “The Secret” and others.

  • Official Teacher of “The Secret” certification in 2009 with The, homologated by
  • Bob Proctor, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Jack Canfield with “The Science of Getting Rich”.
  • Lisa Nichols: with Creative Visualization, Wisdom and Wealth program and 28 days for Results.
  • John Assaraf: with WTGM Program and Having it All, among others.
  • The Essence Teachings with G.Zozaya.
  • Abraham-Hicks Seminar, Seattle 2014 / Roma 2016. I’m the only organizer of the “TupperAbes” meetings in Barcelona, Spain (since 2015).

Memory, Studies, Official Examinations, and other forms of optimization of the mind:

  • Mental Control: I’ve studied with Laura Silva, daughter of José Silva, with the Silva Method of Life and the Silva Intuition System (2014-2015).
  • Memorization with the RCS in 2006.
  • Official Examinations for Police and Firemen, Lawyers, Judges and bachelors teacher and coach (since 2012). And private teacher of Law.
  • Enterpreneur, professional and life Coaching coach and teacher of coaches with courses and workshops sponsored by the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • English private teacher for children, teens and adults of all ages.
  • Gestalt Pre for Children and Teenagers advice (2015).

Energies, natural therapy and other esoteric interests:

  • “The Double Theory” certified training with Jean Pierre Garnier Malet (Barcelona 2013).
  • Energy: Reiki I, II, III (2006), and Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®, learning with Eric Pearl himself in 2013.
  • Bach Flowers (2013) with the certified teacher Elvira Anducas.
  • Palmistry and Tarot with EMC School and the (extinct) Sybil School.

Collaborations and others:

  • Radio Interviews: SantsAcut, Corbera Radio (natural therapies’ Elvira Anducas section) and Lights for the Soul radio program.
  • Articles and other publications: “Black Walnut Anthology III” with the Temple of Diana, reference publication for the standards in Witchcraft and Paganism around the world.
  • Free monthly conferences in the Cultural Center of Santa Eulalia (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat). Sponsored by the Main Hall.
  • Interview with RAC1 (2016) and RAC105 TV (2016)

My services:

  • Tutoring, study skills and memory techniques, develops a supermemory!
  • I teach you to achieve goals, find work, coaching consultations.
  • You wonder: how to increase my income? I teach you how to apply the Law of Attraction to attract prosperity and abundance in your life.
  • Having been trained in energy therapies, it is possible to login to a total energy rebalancing. I trained in Reiki and reconnection with official qualifications.
  • In appreciation of my beginnings, I also do consultations palmistry (reading hands) and tarot.

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