Ok, I know this may sound weird. But, I can read hands and cards since I was a child. I ow so much to the esoteric world. Therefore, from my deep gratitude, I honor this aspect of my life that has done so many things for me. It’s my intention to wash the reputation of these interpretative arts that yield the secret keys of timeless eternal spiritual knowledge and to restore them to their proper place in society. You can book your esoteric consultation with me in this website.

Cartomancy Readings:

Whether it’s a Tarot or a Spanish Deck reading, cartomancy is one of the most common and less understood of these interpretative arts. Once again, when it comes to read cards, my style is different from what you may be used to.

Hands Reading:

Palmistry, chiromancy, chirology, hands interpretative arts. My style of reading is different. I will be talking and telling, there won’t be answers to your nowadays concrete questions, so, for that matter, I recommend you another type of consultation; we’ll rather see your eternal aspect in the different areas of your life. I only read palms once in life of every person, frequently. Although, sometimes I may read your palm more than once.

Children and Teenagers:

Most professionals of the esoteric sector will tell you that children can’t be read. That may be true for them, but not for me. By the fact that I read since I was a child and I read children of my own age (friends and mates at the school playground), I’m one of the few people in this world that can read children and teach children to read. I can help them to develop, understand and cultivate their innate psychic abilities in a healthy way. I give palmistry and tarot courses and workshops for children, introducing them in this arts in a healthy, secure and adapted to their own level way. I only work with parental consent.

My services:

  • Tutoring, study skills and memory techniques, develops a supermemory!
  • I teach you to achieve goals, find work, coaching consultations.
  • You wonder: how to increase my income? I teach you how to apply the Law of Attraction to attract prosperity and abundance in your life.
  • Having been trained in energy therapies, it is possible to login to a total energy rebalancing. I trained in Reiki and reconnection with official qualifications.
  • In appreciation of my beginnings, I also do consultations palmistry (reading hands) and tarot.

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