How to Achieve your Goals

Many are asking how to do in order to achieve things, because all of us know that one thing is to make a wish and another entirely different is the “how to achieve your goals”. Well, in this article, I would like to give you some practice advices that you may use to achieve what you want in your lives.

First thing, of course, is a correct orientation of the Law of Attraction. Without the collaboration of this law, you can do and do and do that you won’t be going anywhere.

But then, we can use any other coaching and personal growth tool. planification and setting goals tools, objective execution and self-help tools, in order to achieve it. Taking action is important. It’s not necessary sometimes, however, because the Law of Attraction manages many things; but anyway, taking action is of benefit to you for various reasons. The first one is that it makes things easier and we feel that we are taking part in the whole game, that we are walking the path, so to speak. W have come to this physical environment to play with our time-space reality, to enjoy our physical senses and actions; you see, optimum creation is cooperating with the Law of Attraction and enjoying taking a good inspired action, when you feel the impulse.

Furthermore, action can facilitate the delivery way of the Law of Attraction, giving a fast street to yield to us all what we have asked for. Many people wait for things to fall from sky, but this is a creative level that requires almost any resistance, and the way you acquire this is practicing the Law of Attraction exercises regularly (although I may add some adjustments to that statement in our consultation).

And it doesn’t happen in one day, it may require a progressive adjustment process. Therefore, meanwhile, action becomes our main ally, helping us to keep our mind focused in an aligned and constructive way, it calms us, it amuses us, and all this accelerates manifestations, and this is why I recommend to take action. As my grandparents used to say: “you won’t achieve happiness sitting on a sofa for long”. I’ve always wondered why people starting with the law of attraction seem to become obsessed about achieving without doing nothing, what a boring life!. Doing is part of the game, at least until we become so aligned that one thinks about something and it manifests quickly.

My own personal evolution is a fair mirror that every year I’m becoming a faster and more precise manifestor, my vibrations are higher every time and I’m enjoying my day. But this wasn’t achieved in overnight, I achieved that because I didn’t fuss and let myself live the whole process, step by step, following the recommendations of my teachers (E&G and Abe). So I became able to manifest more easily. And I’m improving every year in this topic. Guided by my feelings, I began to get rid of more and more resistances, aligning with my desires, until I got to a greater manifestation level.

Another way to achieve your goals is “being there”, as I like to say. You can’t be a farmer without stepping into a farm. You can’t be an architect without stepping into a building lot. You can’t become an actress without going to the bars where actors gather or without looking at their plays. You have to be there.

Finally, your self-esteem may not matter to anybody, according to Bill Gates, but I will add that it matters to self, because, no doubt, self-esteem is necessary and essential to achieve the things you intend to. Without a good self-image, you won’t move at all. Cultivating your self-esteem is essential to self, and this is why it’s one of the essential pilars of achievement, specially when you are intending to build great companies or long term goals. Therefore, I urge you to cultivate your self-esteem every day.

I’m saying goodbye for now remembering the Dream Mentor®’s motto: “¡Be happy, now! Because you become what you think about”.




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