Do you want to “do it now”? Are you a practical kind of person? Individual sessions are just the thing for you!

In individual consultations we will discuss your case. There won’t be people who would make you loose your time with uninteresting comments. There will be only the two of us, and…we will address your issue directly.

The Dream Mentor’s methodology is based upon the “ask and it is given” principle. Therefore, you’ll set the rhythm of your learning and personal progress, as you integrate everything. We will only have the necessary sessions, and, in the same way as an Spanish teacher enables you to speak Spanish for yourself, I’ll enable you to do it yourself, without me. I guarantee your full independence.

The Dream Mentor method of coaching and personal growth, and the polishing of the application of the Law of Attraction, may require several sessions, because, in each session, you will be introduced to a new technique. And we will evolve according t your own rhythm.

How are the consultations?


In the individual consultation, we will discuss your own personal case, we will study your issue, I will teach you a technique if necessary, that we will practice together, so you grasp it easily, and, finally, I will probably assign you a bit of “homework”.

Time of duration:

Individual consultations will last 45 minutes.

Place and logistics:

Individual consultations may be in person or in distance, online.

In person, they will be done at my place in c/Pareto 5, attic, in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, by previous appointment.


Ask me, because there are several options available near my place.

If it’s in your place, the dynamics of the consultation will be the same as in person at my place, but, as soon as it will require a considerable inversion of time, and exclusive service, it is more expensive and you’ll have to add the cost of my trip to your expenses.

If you prefer a distant session, online, it can be done via every form of video-conference (Skype, for instance). You’ll find everything about this modality in the “Online Services” page.

Schedule your consultation right now and begin to live the fabulous live that your are meant to!

My services:

  • Tutoring, study skills and memory techniques, develops a supermemory!
  • I teach you to achieve goals, find work, coaching consultations.
  • You wonder: how to increase my income? I teach you how to apply the Law of Attraction to attract prosperity and abundance in your life.
  • Having been trained in energy therapies, it is possible to login to a total energy rebalancing. I trained in Reiki and reconnection with official qualifications.
  • In appreciation of my beginnings, I also do consultations palmistry (reading hands) and tarot.

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