Dream Mentoring in person – 40€


Dream Mentor® sessions are my special creation. In this consultation, oriented to your specific situation, you’ll begin to apply the Dream Mentor® Method, focused on personal growth and the law of attraction.

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I created The Dream Mentor® Method from an integration of coaching, psychology, common sense, with the esoteric world of energies and universal laws. It’s an specific methodology that will serve any person, in any given situation or circumstances, and it’s valid for all ages.

Dream Mentoring consultations will help you in a transversal and interdisciplinar way integrating the different aspects of human personality, its pshyche and its powers.

I’ll show you techniques, I’ll shift your paradigms, I’ll show you ways you’ve never even concieved, we will extract wisdom from the deepest of your soul and you’ll create the life of your dreams.

Because you want to be happy, because you want to live the magic of life, book your consultation now and enjoy your journey!


The payment of face-to-face consultations will always be made in cash before starting the consultation session.