Reconnective Healing® – 70€


This session consists in a full re-balancing of your energy.

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The energetic re-balancing is one of the wonders of being incarnated in a physical body. Your meridians, nadis or channels will open, your chakras will balance, your kundalini will find a powerful and clear form of expression.

The diference between the Reconnective Healing and Reiki or other energetic therapies is that we don’t need you to get rid of your crystals, jewels, watches or rings, I will not even touch you at all. Because this is not a therapy, but a sharing of a balancing process, being a witness of a different and precious phenomenon.

I learnt with Eric Pearl himself and his representative in Spain, Gemma Sellarés. The effects of Reconnective Healing always surprise me and I know that everyone recieves our own healing, although it’s not always the healing we are thinking it will be!


The payment of face-to-face consultations will always be made in cash before starting the consultation session.