Tarot readings in person – 40€


In the Tarot consultations we will answer your inquietudes through the cards.

Add the product to cart and finalize the order. Once completed, we’ll call you to arrange the meeting.

The payment will be made at the consultation.

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It is believed that the Tarot is the veiled version of Toth’s Book of Wisdom, we will answer to your questions and we will dive into the mysteries of the future.

Predictive Tarot. Evolving Tarot. Karmic Tarot. Spiritual Tarot. Psychological Tarot. Archetypical Tarot. Divination Tarot. Tarot for love. Tarot for job.

My innovations:

Enterpreneur Tarot.

Juridic Tarot.

Deads Tarot.

Ideal for a general reading or to answer specific questions.

We can read the Tarot in many levels and dimensions, we can read it with different intentions: from helping a familiar with an addiction to exploring the enterprise perspective of your business.

Loose the fear of Tarot, open yourself to its wisdom, let its love guide you and honour you as it was meant from the beginning of times!


The payment of face-to-face consultations will always be made in cash before starting the consultation session.